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Blaise High School

Academic Review Day December 2021

7 December 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,
I wanted to update you on our plans for Autumn Term Reports and Academic Review Day.
The South West Director of Public Health has been working with Bristol City Council and School Leaders to ensure guidance is refreshed in light of the sharp increase in South-West Covid-19 case rates and the emergence of the new variant of concern, Omicron. Together they have produced a Consensus Schools Statement to help mitigate risk. This includes a recommendation to reduce “large gatherings”. With this in mind we will be amending our plans for Academic Review Day as this can involve visits from over 1000 people during the sessions.

Over the last year we have moved our ARD sessions to a remote system, but we know this hasn’t been as effective for parents. We recognise that remote communication isn’t ideal and, in the past, take up of the remote ARD calls has been low. We want to prioritise seeing and speaking with as many parents as possible and so would rather delay the session until January in the hope that we can make it both as safe and as effective as possible.

So, what will happen now?
For parents/carers of Y11

  • You will receive academic reports on your child’s performance on 9th December
  • You should use the following link to share your questions and requests for phone calls: 
  • Staff will respond and speak with you one2one over the telephone in prearranged sessions between 16:00 and 18:30 on Thursday 16th December and between 9:00 and 12:30 on Friday 17th December
  • Where required, we will follow up these phone calls with in person meetings in the new year

For parents/carers of Y7-10

  • You will receive academic reports on your child’s performance on 16th December
  • ARD sessions will be arranged for January 2022. The format of this will depend on the Public Health guidance at the time and the date will be agreed in the new year. We are exploring the following options:
  1. A remote system using pre-booked video call slots
  2. A staggered system with designated timings to reduce the gathering size and enable social distancing whilst remaining on site
  3. A rearranged usual ARD session 

 For students

  • Thursday 16th December remains the final day of term
  • Tuesday 4th January is an inset day and students are not required on-site
  • Wednesday 5th January you will have a designated slot for your LFT test
  • Thursday 6th January return to school

A small group of parents will be invited to specific sessions with pastoral leaders at the end of term. This provides an excellent opportunity to review support plans in place for attendance and pastoral concerns. These will all be small groups sessions where social distancing can be maintained and will be held on site between 9:00 and 12:30 on Friday 17th December. If this affects you we will be in touch directly.
I want to apologise for having to change the plans for the session. We haven’t taken this decision lightly and do so in the hope that we will be able to offer parents something that is not only safe but also highly effective and engaging. All staff at Blaise High School are disappointed to not be able to meet with you in person this December, but look forward to speaking and supporting you in the coming weeks.

Yours faithfully,
Ms K Brown