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Blaise High School

how we communicate


Updated regularly with new events on the homepage

Statutory policies

Information that is unlikely to change throughout the academic year e.g. term dates and the structure of the school day

The school calendar 

MCAS - My Child at School

Communication of rewards and successes

Communication of detentions and other sanctions

Please follow this link to learn more about how to use MCAS

Social Media

Updates on 'one off' events at the school

Celebrations of success

Urgent 'one off' communications required at short notice e.g. closure of the school

X  -

Facebook  -  https://facebook/Blaisehighschool


For letter and newsletters

For information on students progress/reports


When single personal communication is required rather than with a large group of students/families

Positive phone calls from the Heads of Year on a daily basis


To provide an update from the Headteacher every two weeks

Reports on Academic Progress

Year 7-10:

The curriculum is split into three units per year. Students are assessed at the end of the unit based on the knowledge organiser content. Their scores and position in the year is reported to parents.

Year 10 and 11:

Students complete two suites of mock exams per year to prepare them for their GCSE exams. BTECs assess current performance.