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Blaise High School

School In Action

We are always happy to show visitors around our school. We believe that the best way to truly find out about a school is to see it in action. Please see below for the feedback that we have received when we have shown parents and carers around our school. 


Year 6 Parent

'The whole school is so calm, it is so nice to see how calm it is and how hard the children are working. I also love the idea of a takeaway lunch on a Friday for the top points winners' 

Year 6 Parent

' I didn't actually realise that schools like this still existed. It is so much calmer than the other places we have been to see, it is definitely really easy to learn here.'

Year 6 child

'I'll be honest I was a bit frightened after I read things online and thought about secondary school, but it is so calm, just what I need'

Year 6 Parent

'I'll be honest, I wasn't happy when we got here. The ofsted report is awful, but I'm really glad we came to see it. Our child will be really happy here.'

Former Student

'I came here 4 years ago and I can tell you it was not like this! It is so much calmer than it used to be. The corridors used to be literally full of children.'

Year 6 Parent 

'When we got Blaise I was fuming. I thought there is no way my child is going there, I've heard nothing but bad things on facebook. Then I came today and it is totally different, it is so calm. I will be accepting our place as soon as we get home.' 

To book your school in action tour, please follow this link