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Blaise High School


Blaise High School requires students to wear school uniform. We believe that a school uniform provides a sense of belonging and identity whilst setting an appropriate tone for an educational setting. 

Details of our school uniform requirements can be found below.

In developing our school uniform we have carefully considered what is required practically for classroom lessons or for sport, safeguarding and health and safety considerations, and our obligations under the Equality Act 2010, and we have taken account of the wishes of parents, carers and students.

We have also considered the cost implications for families and different groups of pupils and sought the best value - we have minimised the number of branded items and avoided single supplier contracts so that parents have a choice of where they can shop, and we will avoid frequent uniform changes so that clothes can be passed on. We also offer support for parents who are unable to purchase a uniform.

If you have any questions about our uniform, or are struggling through financial hardship, please contact and we can support you. 
Complaints about our school uniform should be dealt with under the school complaints policy.

Blaise High School Uniform

A smart appearance is an important aspect of modern life as it does help a person to display an air of self-confidence and a sense of respect. Blaise High School aims to prepare students for a successful life and so an emphasis on taking pride in one’s own appearance is an essential part of the educational process. Blaise High School has a strict uniform procedure which helps to enhance the purposeful and successful climate of our school. Our uniform procedure demands professionalism and ensures safety, which also ensures that students are fully focused on learning as opposed to other distractions.

Blaise High School uniform provides students with many positive advantages, because uniform:

● Diminishes the social exclusion of students based on what they are wearing.

● Places stronger focus on academic performance.

● Reduces tension as students do not have to compete with their peers for the latest trends in clothes.

● Creates an atmosphere of teamwork.

● Encourages pride in personal appearance and of Blaise High School.

● Promotes safety, particularly through making it easier to identify strangers.

● Increases self-esteem and reduces peer pressure.

● Most cost-effective for parents in the long run.

● Makes them ambassadors for Blaise High School in the local community.

Students are expected to wear full Blaise High School uniform on the way to and from school. Jewellery and other forbidden items will be confiscated and only returned to a parent or carer.

Essential items of uniform, e.g. Black signature blazer, some PE kit, are only available from Blaise High School uniform suppliers, Monkhouse as well as the school, see below.



What this means

Blaise High School Blazer 

Black with embroidered BHS logo.

Compulsory item.

Must be worn every day. During lessons, teachers will give permission for blazers to be removed when appropriate. Branded


School Tie with a clip. Black and Green stripe. 

Compulsory item.

Must be worn every day. Branded


White school shirt (not polo shirt) (short or long sleeved) that buttons up to the neck.

Compulsory item. 

Shirts should be tucked in and buttoned up at all times. Non - Branded

‘V’ neck sweater

Plain black. As a change for 23/24 these jumpers can be plain black and don't need to have the school trim. Jumpers must be knitted in appearance. Please note images below.

Optional item as an extra layer. Cannot be worn instead of a blazer. It does not need to be branded in order to reduce costs. 


Tailored, full length, plain black, loose fitting.

Optional item - either a kilt, trousers or tailored shorts.

Full length to the ankle. Prohibited trouser styles include but are not limited to - tight, skinny fit, narrow fit, stretchy, low rise, chinos, jeans, drainpipe, Miss Sixty, linen, leggings or cropped styles. Non - branded trousers. 


School kilt, black and green tartan.

Optional item - either a kilt, trousers or tailored shorts. Skirts are available in 22 or 24 inch length. Must be at least knee length. Branded


Black, tailored shorts, that land on the knee and have a pleat. 

Optional item - either a kilt, trousers or tailored shorts. Shorts must be tailored with a pleat 


Plain black and above the ankle.

Compulsory item.

Coloured or patterned socks are not acceptable. Socks with branded logos or trainer socks are also not acceptable. Socks worn with kilts must be no higher than shin height. Non - branded

*Shoes (additional information below)

Plain black, low heeled. Leather or similar polishable material.

Compulsory item.

No Canvas or trainer style shoes will be accepted. Shoes must be polishable. Non-branded


Plain black opaque or flesh coloured.

Optional item

Coloured or patterned tights are not acceptable. Tights are optional. A combination of tights and socks is not permissible. Non branded.


Plain black 

Optional item

Belts should be discreet. Non-branded


Appropriate coat allowed, must be removed prior to entering any part of the building.

Optional item.

No hooded sweatshirts zipped or otherwise, fabric/knitted tops, cardigans, non academy jumpers, sweatshirts, are permitted. These items will be confiscated and collected at the end of the day. Not Blaise branded, may be of other brands


These should be ruc-sac or messenger style bags. Bags must be able to carry A4 size books (school planner and knowledge organiser).

Compulsory item 

No plastic bags, shoulder pouches/bags, cross body bags, shoulder bags, fashion bags including handbags or other inappropriate bags. Non blaise branded, may be of other brands

*Blaise High School is committed to being solution focused and removes barriers for students by having a system in which items of uniform can be borrowed and returned on the same day. Refusal to borrow the required uniform will result in a referral to the RfL centre.

Shoes: School shoes should be black, flat and logo-free. The style should be traditional, avoiding the appearance of a trainer.

Some specific styles that are not permitted: 

Styles that appear to be more like sports trainers than professional black shoes, especially due to the material of the shoe.

• Boots or ankle boots.

• Suede shoes.

• Styles with obvious logos or branding.

• Elaborate buckles or decorations or patterns.

• Any white or colourful details.

However, this list is not exhaustive and the School’s decision on what is/is not acceptable is final. If parents are unsure as to whether a particular style will be accepted, they must send a picture of the shoe to the school before purchasing. If in doubt, please consult the following pictures to see what is/is not acceptable. We will always support parents in this decision-making. Pupils wearing unacceptable shoes to school will be offered a pair to wear where possible, or will be placed in RfL until a parent or guardian can bring an acceptable pair of shoes to school. Parents who are struggling to find acceptable, affordable shoes are encouraged to contact the School who will be happy to recommend appropriate footwear.




The images below indicate jumpers that are acceptable. They must be plain black, v neck, knitted in appearance and free from any logos at all. They can be purchased from high street retailers, for example here and here. The school bespoke jumper is also acceptable. 



The only jewellery which is acceptable is a wristwatch and a maximum of one pair of small plain gold or silver stud earrings (no stones) worn in each earlobe. Any other form of jewellery is not allowed. Blaise High School does not allow facial piercings, including mouth and tongue piercings. Students will be asked to remove any other piercings if they are visible. Nose studs, facial and body piercings or visible tattoos are not permitted. No accessories are to be worn around the neck, wrists, and ankles or attached to clothing. Failure to remove such items will result in the student spending the day in the RfL. We ask that all parents support us in this, and don’t allow additional piercings for students before returning to school. Large amounts of money and expensive personal effects should not be brought on site. Blaise High School will not accept liability if such items are lost, broken or stolen.


No extreme hairstyle or unnatural colour hair is allowed, including dip-dyed. This includes for example tramlines and Mohican etc. Only hair accessories of a natural colour are permitted . No decorative attachments, unnaturally coloured weave or extensions are to be worn in the hair. We encourage students to wear weaves and other culturally appropriate hair provided everything is of a natural colour. Shaved lines in the hair or eyebrows are not permitted. Combs are not permitted to be used in the school building, or between lessons. They may be used at break and lunch. We welcome hair to be used as a means of expression within these guidelines. However, this list is not exhaustive and the school’s decision on what is/is not acceptable is final. Pupils whose haircut is not deemed by the School to be of an acceptable style will be placed in RfL until a parent or guardian gives permission for the pupil to return to a hairdresser. If in doubt, please seek clarification from the Deputy Headteacher responsible for Pastoral Care. Long hair must be tied back for PE, Technology and Science lessons. We ask that parents make informed decisions with respect to hairstyles worn during school breaks, and ensure that all students return to school with acceptable styles.


In year 7 & 8 no make-up of any kind should be worn by students. This includes foundation, lipstick, lip-gloss, mascara, blusher, eye shadow, eyeliner, brow liner and nail varnish (including false nails and false eyelashes). Students arriving in school wearing makeup, nail varnish or false nails will be asked to remove it. Failure to do so will result in the student being sent to the RfL. From year 9 onwards, a conservative amount of makeup may be worn but must not be “visible”. For example, e.g. lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow may be used sparingly. Henna decorations, nail varnish, nail decorations, French tips or extensions are not permitted. Tinted or cosmetic contact lenses and decorative dental wear are not permitted. No hoods, hats, caps or bandannas to be worn anywhere on Blaise High School site. Fashion spectacles are not permitted.

Aerosols: For health and safety reasons, aerosols (including but not limited to deodorants, hairsprays, body sprays and aftershaves) are not to be used in school.

Energy Drinks: For health and concentration reasons, fizzy, sports and energy drinks are prohibited within Blaise High School. If they are seen, they will be confiscated. Failure to hand over an item when requested will result in one day in RfL. Other accessories: The School does permit pupils to wear watches, but they should be plain and understated in style. Smartwatches and Fit-bits are not allowed. Oversized fashion watches, watches in bright colours and watches worn as jewellery are not acceptable. Please refer to the section of the behaviour policy regarding mobile communications devices for further detail.

Other valuables: Money should be kept in a purse or wallet securely on their person. Confiscated items are to be collected by a parent / carer only. 

Headscarves & Headdress: Students may wear headscarves for religious reasons only. If so, these headscarves must look conventional and understated in style.

● Headscarves must be black or dark green. They must be plain

● Pins or clips must be small, dark in colour and understated.

● There can be no decorations such as sequins or patterns

● Material must not be too long at the front or the back so as to obscure the uniform or look untidy. At the front, headscarf material must not go below the V-neck of a jumper or equivalent.

● If pupils choose to wear a headscarf, it must completely cover their hair.

● Du-rags and bandannas are not permitted to be worn.

Students may wear Blaise High School caps. These can be purchased from the school and can only be worn outside. 

Confiscation: Please refer to our published behaviour policy for details on confiscation of prohibited items.

Please click here to be taken to the Monkhouse Schoolwear website to buy our branded items.

PE Kit

Blaise branded kit is available to view and buy here.

PE kit does not have to be Blaise branded, but if it is not Blaise branded it must be compliant with the following requirements:

  • Loose fit plain black shorts (not skin tight cycling style shorts)

  • Plain black leggings or jogging bottoms

  • Plain forest/bottle green football socks (e.g. these socks on amazon) to be worn with shorts or skorts. Students may wear black socks when wearing long trousers or leggings.

  • Plain forest/bottle green t-shirt (e.g. this t-shirt on amazon)

  • Trainers for ALL lessons

Students will also need football boots for some lessons across the year. We recommend students purchase their own boots; students without their own boots will be able to borrow from the school.

Warm outer layers are not a requirement; however if students wish to wear a warm layer during PE it must be one of the Blaise branded zip jackets pictured below or the long-sleeve Blaise PE top. Students are not permitted to wear coats for PE lessons.

Students have the option of wearing a plain black or green sunhat. Students may also purchase a Blaise cap via MCAS

PE Kit examples:


Acceptable bottoms examples



Unacceptable bottoms examples


Acceptable tops examples




Unacceptable tops examples


Equipment: Students need to have the following items of equipment every day in their school bag. Replacement items may be purchased from Student Services or a stationery store. 

At Blaise High School we value every moment within every lesson. As such, it is important that all students are fully equipped each day. Tutors will check all pieces of equipment at the start of each day, and any missing equipment will be loaned out for that day. This ensures that no time is lost within lessons due to missing equipment. Students bring all of their equipment in a see-through pencil case. Again, this reduces the possibility of bullying, and it prepares students for their exams where this is what will be required. 

The recommended model of calculator is the Casio FX-83GTX

Equipment list:

  • Two black pens

  • Mini whiteboard (provided on the first day of Year 7)

  • Mini whiteboard pen (provided)

  • Mini whiteboard rubber (provided)

  • 30 cm ruler

  • 30 cm clear pencil case

  • Two pencils

  • Two highlighters

  • Scientific calculator

  • Protractor

  • Green pen

  • Rubber

  • Pencil sharpener

  • Knowledge organiser (provided)

  • Self-quizzing book (provided)

  • Sparx book (provided)

  • RFL card (provided)