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Blaise High School


Enrichment Programme

At Blaise High School we are not only committed to achieving excellent educational outcomes, but also to the development of character. One way in which we develop children's character is by ensuring all children are exposed to a varied Enrichment Programme each academic year with offers from a range of departments in school and more. It is essential that our children are given these fantastic opportunities to take part in performing arts, sport, academic pursuits and more to build character and confidence on their own personal climb up their mountain to the very best universities or careers of their choosing.

How do I know what is in their Enrichment Offer each term?

  • Enrichment Fair - Each term we hold an Enrichment Fair to advertise all the Enrichment activities that will be available in the next term. At this event you can sign up to attend Enrichment Activities.

  • Student Re-Induction - Students are reminded of their enrichment offer on return to school at the beginning of the new term. They are also reminded how they can sign up for these activities if they have not done so already

  • Enrichment Timetable - An Enrichment timetable will be displayed in the atrium and on the school website.

  • 'Bring a buddy' - If you bring a buddy (another student) to an enrichment activity for the first time, both you and them will receive 5 green points!!

What do I do if I want to sign up for an Enrichment Activity?

  1. Sign up during the Enrichment Fair                                                                                                              Or

  2. Speak to the member of staff running the activity and come along!!


Our Enrichment Offer - Academic Year 23/24 - Unit 3