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Blaise High School

Important Message from The BHS Careers Team




What’s Next Newsletter - for Students in Year 11

“What happens now that School has closed?”

“How do I plan for my future, career and next steps?”

Hello to you all! It’s Steve (NewMango), the Careers Coach from School.

Firstly, I hope you are all staying well and safe.
Secondly, I want to reassure you that I am still working with you and Blaise High School to support with your plans and ambitions for the future, even though school is closed.
Each week I will post an update regarding Post 16 options and career planning. I will focus on one particular area. This week it is an introduction, to focus on the present situation and how we can help during these unprecedented times.
There are so many excellent resources that you can tap into, so you can find out more in your own time, which you may have in abundance!
Those of you who have had a careers guidance meeting with me will have an action plan to work through, with websites and links to help with your own independent research.
Please look at these again if you still have your copy. If you haven’t, get in touch with Mrs Brightley or me, so we can ping it across to you.
Those of you who have not had a one-to-one careers appointment, I would still like to offer you one by phone. Please get in touch with Mrs Brightley so we can arrange this.
All Post 16 Providers will be affected by the Coronavirus. They would have had to cut short their planned interviews and will be very keen to ensure students who have applied or in the process of applying are supported and hopefully, offered a place. If you have applied, they will be in touch to tell you what your next steps are.
Some of you are waiting to be able to apply for an apprenticeship. Some of you have not yet applied for anything or decided what to do/where to go. Whatever stage you are at, we can help.

What happens now? Questions that you may have:

“Will I still be able to do the course I want to do at college?”

Yes! All the entry requirements to get into college will remain the same. The colleges may even be more flexible. They want to make sure it is the right course for you but remember- it is also about the course being right for you and for what you then plan to do afterwards.

“What happens if I had a ‘conditional offer’ based on the grades that I was expected to achieve?”

The colleges and Sixth Form centres will be in touch with you by email or post over the coming weeks and months. It is important that you have passed on to Mrs Brightley, your intended destination and if you have already been offered a place, waiting to have your interview or not yet applied, as, not only do we need this information for our records but we can also ensure they have you on their list.

“I haven’t had my interview yet, but I have applied - what happens now?”

Keep checking emails and if you have any concerns contact Mrs Brightley or myself. We are getting information all the time. The latest we have is:
City of Bristol College - conducting interviews over the phone. They should get in touch to tell you this and will confirm when your phone call will be. If they don’t, you can get hold of them by going to their website and using their Live Chat facility – I have just checked and it is working! Their email address is:
SGS College - offering places without interviews, so if you have applied and waiting to hear from them, get in contact to confirm this – email:
St Brendan’s College – a guaranteed place for any student who has applied and been accepted and meet their minimum entry criteria (4 grade 3s including at least a 3 in English Language and a 2 in Maths). They will be in touch if you are due to be interviewed, to let you know the procedure (probably a phone interview after Easter). They are still taking applications if you still want to apply. Email:
Please check their websites for other Post 16 Providers.

“I haven’t applied yet, is it now too late?”

No, it is not too late- the Colleges want you to apply (see St Brendan’s for example). All Post 16 Providers have information on their websites about their courses and how to apply.

“Will there be any apprenticeships available?”

Yes! If you are wanting to find an apprenticeship, this is something that you can be working towards as part of your home learning e.g; registering on the apprenticeships service website –, CV writing etc.

“What will happen in September- how will I know what to do and how to get ready for college?”

Wherever you apply, they will be in touch to reassure you and let you know their procedure, e.g. coming in for taster days, enrolling etc. If you want to get in touch with them, look at their website for contact details
So, to summarise, contact Mrs Brightley or myself if you:
  • Haven’t yet had a one-to-one careers appointment and would like one
  • Want a copy of your Careers Session Summary and Action Plan
  • Want help to complete a College or Sixth Form application form
  • Want help, guidance or/and reassurance about what happens next relating to your Post 16 plans
We really want to help and hopefully reassure you that the next stage of your educational journey will be something to look forward to and be the springboard for great success and happiness.
Take Care
Steve Newman
Independent Careers Adviser & Progression Coach
Mrs Brightley

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