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Blaise High School

Remote school work

Dear parent/carer and student,

Please follow the links so your child can work effectively remotely during their isolation and ensure their better chance of success.

We never want our students to miss lessons in school but we’re confident that the remote work model we have built will ensure no detriment to their progress as long as they fully engage.

We expect students to follow the schedule of remote lessons attached beginning with day 1. The Remote Learning section of the Blaise High School website has support resources available to help students understand how to use these remote lessons.

We ask that students do three things for all their lessons so they perfectly mirror the way they learn in school:

  1. They start by taking the quiz. This checks their understanding of prior learning that will link to the topic of this lesson.
  2. Then they watch the input of knowledge and complete the deliberate practice requested, this video appears directly after the quiz when students click “show lesson”.
  3. Finally, they complete the exit ticket which is called “post quiz” to show what they’ve learned. This is a series of multiple-choice questions.

A dedicated support worker will be ringing you regularly to check how your child is and if they need any further support.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely


Remote Learning Year 9


Thurs 8th

Fri 9th

Mon 12th

Tues 13th

Weds 14th

Thurs 15th


Lesson 66 - 71

Maths Lesson 387 - 391

Science Lesson 39 - 44



Remote Learning Year 7

 Remote Learning Year 8