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Blaise High School

Character education

Character education sits alongside our existing brilliant academic programme to ensure that students have access to a wide and balanced range of experiences throughout their time at school, giving them the opportunity to develop and embed our core values of Ambition, Inclusion and Collaboration.

Students have opportunities to take part in a range of activities and experiences throughout their time at Blaise High School. As well as the more traditional clubs and activities, this year, our Character Education offer also gives students the opportunity to access challenges, projects and competitions remotely, either from home or using the computers in school, which are available in the library during Champions Hour.

Whether students are playing sport, taking part in expeditions, researching historical events or learning how to cook, all students can develop their life skills. We feel that having access to these experiences is just as important as academic success.

We have a very active Student Leadership Team, who represent the student body and who support the staff and school. Our School Council meets regularly and promotes our agenda of inclusivity and diversity across our community.

By taking part in a wide range of activities, students earn badges under our core values of Ambition, Inclusion and Collaboration. There are 45 to collect over the 5 years that students attend Blaise High School. We're looking forward to seeing our students' blazers shining with their bronze, silver and gold badges! For more information please click here.