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Blaise High School

Ethos and values


Blaise High School is ambitious. We expect the very best from each other because we believe that every one of us can succeed.

This is reflected in our challenging curriculum: we read ambitious books; we put intervention in place for every student who is falling behind; we teach complex knowledge concepts so that every student leaves able to compete with others who have been to the very best schools in the country.


Blaise High School is inclusive. We are a diverse community who believe that equality of opportunity is essential to the success of our school.

This is reflected in our excellent provision for all students: each receives additional bespoke support where needed; we celebrate and respect the diversity in our community; we engage all pupils in rapidly developing their oracy and leadership skills and ensure everyone takes part in character development.


Blaise High School is collaborative. We show respect to one another at all times and ensure everybody’s right to a professional safe learning environment.

This is reflected in disruption-free lessons day in, day out; lesson in, lesson out. This is a tough but important aspect of what sets us apart from other schools. We believe wholeheartedly that all our students can meet our high standards and therefore do not accept anything but their best behaviour at school. We will not settle for less. Our students enjoy being together at school because we invest in a collaborative approach to fun. We have a lot of fun together through our celebration assemblies, our Director of Fun, our trips, events and rewards system.

Growth Mind-set

Blaise High School has a Growth Mind-set. This is the belief that your success is determined by hard work, resilience and a positive attitude to failure.

This is reflected in our approach to learning. Students are expected to uncover their gaps through regular low stakes quizzes; check the accuracy of their work through modelled answers and grow their vocabulary daily. Through this positive attitude to finding out what they can’t do yet, they can rapidly learn how to take the next step to ensure they can do soon. This mind-set is instilled in all of us, including staff, as we all believe we are on a journey to grow.

Social Justice

Blaise High School’s mission is Social Justice. We are determined to promote a fairer society. One in which everyone has an equal opportunity to determine their own future.

Our inclusive approach combined with our ambition and growth mind-set ensures students from any background or starting point will earn the future of their choice. Our students will become leaders in their community and beyond.