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Blaise High School

Message from the Head Boy and Head Girl

Head boy: Peace

It is my honour to be able to introduce myself as the newly appointed Head Boy of Blaise High School.

Even from a young age, I have been recognised both subjectively (by myself) and objectively (by others) as an aspiring and high achieving student. I hope to be a good role model for all students.

I believe we'll have the best possible chance of success through lessons free of disruption, an exciting learning environment, and supportive teachers, which will allow us to reach our highest potential. As Head Boy, I will endeavour in supporting all our students in every way that I can, and exhibit behaviour which will benefit myself and others. I look forward to working with you all!

Head Girl: Rhiana

I'm thrilled to be appointed the new Head Girl of Blaise High School. As Head Girl, I aspire to support and be a voice for all students. 

Social justice is a value that our school is very passionate about. This means that no matter someone's background or upbringing, everyone is given the same chance of success. Blaise High School successfully implements this idea throughout our school life by providing many clubs and opportunities that students are encouraged to apply for.

I'm very thankful for my amazing opportunity as Head Girl, and I hope to work alongside Ms Brown and others to keep applying this value to our school.

I'm here for the students and I hope to help their mental health and wellbeing in any way possible. Whether it is helping students deal with pressure from exams or simply offering students someone to talk to. Thanks for reading!