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Blaise High School


Our Behaviour Curriculum

At Blaise High School we treat behaviour as a curriculum. This means that we teach children how to behave appropriately in school, in line with our values of Aspiration, Integrity and Pride. We teach our children this through:

  • The use of RFL cards
  • Clear instructions in lessons
  • Rewards, such as green points, RFL points and Reward experiences 
  • Assemblies 
  • Displays around the school, for example our SWAT rules, or expectations posters
  • Individual meetings with students and families. 
  • Supportive interventions focussing on the correct behaviours required. 
  • Clear communication about what constitutes bullying and how to report it, via tutor time and PSHE lessons. 
  • A clear and consistent sanctions process. 
  • Clarity on what is expected in each part of the school. 
  • Re-induction sessions each Unit in which student work through a booklet outlining expectations. 
  • In class behaviour systems, for example SWAT warnings for low level disruption. 



Blaise High School is a school in which students work exceptionally hard, are kind to one another, and demonstrate our core values consistently. We believe that students should be rewarded consistently for doing the right thing. We recognise how hard our children work and want to ensure that they receive rewards for this. 

We reward students by:

  • Issuing green points in lessons
  • Issuing RFL points at social times
  • Issuing one golden ticket per lesson to the student who has best exemplified our values
  • Issuing cups in assembly for Aspiration / Integrity and Pride. 
  • Providing a weekly Fun Friday event, and treats at least once a half term. 
  • Running an attendance competition every term, with the top tutor group being rewarded
  • Running an equipment competition each term, with the most organised tutor group being rewarded
  • Running end of unit rewards experiences for the children who accumulate the most green points and have the best attendance.
  • Providing an education that will enable students to be rewarded with excellent qualifications when they leave us.

Responding to unacceptable behaviour.

We have extremely high expectations of the students at Blaise High School. We know that their education is too important to allow disruptive behaviour to disrupt it. We simply cannot allow this. 

Students at Blaise High School have a choice, they are either in lessons, behaving impeccably and working their hardest, or they go through the behaviour system and may be removed from the lesson. If a student is removed from the lesson they are removed for such time until they are ready for learning. When removed from lessons students work following the same curriculum as those students in class, and are supported by behaviour experts in ensuring they are ready for learning.  Through our behaviour curriculum we support students to make the right choice and access a high quality education. 

We will utilise our Ready for Learning centre when we are investigating serious incidents and to keep students out of circulation whilst these incidents are being investigated. 

Punctuality is essential for students to be successful at school. If a child is late three times in a week they will be referred to the Ready for Learning centre. 

A day in the Ready for Learning centre finishes at 3:30pm. Children will generally spend the time between 3 and 3:30pm completing homework. 

Prohibited items

The school has a number of prohibited items. These items are prohibited in order to keep the school safe, calm, and purposeful. They are, but are not limited to,

  • Any item that has been brought in to school to cause offence or disruption. This is at the discretion of the Senior Leadership Team
  • Chewing Gum
  • Fizzy drinks 
  • Tobacco and cigarettes, or paraphernalia associated with them
  • e-cigarettes, vape pens, puff bars or items such as this.  
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Energy Drinks or drinks that are high in electrolytes. 
  • Sugary fizzy drinks such as coca -cola, or coke zero. Sparkling flavoured water, such as Radnor Fizz, is permitted. 
  • Offensive weapons
  • Fidget toys that are not pre-approved by the school. 
  • Hooded sweatshirts, zipped or otherwise. 
  • Illegal drugs
  • Jewellery that is not in line with the school policy. 
  • Pornographic imagery or material
  • Mobile phones that are not stored out of sight. 

Hooded sweatshirts will be confiscated and returned to students via student services at the end of the day. Mobile phones must be collected by an adult. Jewellery will be placed in an envelope in students services to be collected by the student. If students repeatedly wear non - uniform jewellery we will only return it to parents. Other items will not be returned and may be reported to the police, with consequences applied by the school. 


Mobile phones may not be used anywhere on site, either before the day, during the day, or after 3pm. 

Support for Students. 

We offer a range of supportive interventions for all students for whom meeting expectations is a challenge. 

Our support is tiered, and ranges from universal provision, Wave 1 internal support, Wave 2 internal support and Wave 3 external support. Parents and students are consulted and communicated with at every stage of the process. 


Fixed Term Suspensions

As per our behaviour policy and procedure, we do utilise fixed term suspensions where necessary. If a child is suspended for a fixed period parents will receive a letter, and will be asked to attend a readmission meeting, in which the behaviour will be discussed and support identified. Part of this support will involve a period of time spent ensuring the child involved is ready for learning. We feel that it is essential that parents attend readmission meetings in order to support their child's return to school.