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Blaise High School

Meet the Year 7 Team

Mr Nabarro 


Every child at Blaise High School will be able to climb their own personal mountain to the very best Universities in the country or careers of their choosing. This begins right at the start of Year 7 and we will support you on every step of your journey. We will hold you to an incredibly high standard because we know that the higher which we raise our bar for you, the better you will do. We can't wait to see all of your successes in the school. 


Mrs Chinn

Head of Year 7

I am responsible for the pastoral and academic overview of the year group. My role is to ensure that you are always ready for the day’s learning. We will meet at the start of the school day and I will check in with you all. Your happiness in school is important to me; if you have any questions or concerns, I am available every break and lunch time. Making friends is an important and exciting part of starting secondary school. We will provide lots of opportunities to support you with this through our transition days, activities at break and lunch time, Fun Friday and Year 7 camp.


Mrs Adams 

Transition Coordinator

I make sure that we have all the information needed from your primary schools to make your move to Blaise High School a real success.  I liaise with your class teachers to find out about the exciting things you have  done and how you are getting on in your subjects.


Miss Bate 

Senior Leader

Part of your climb up your own personal mountain to the very best universities will include developing your character. You will be offered lots of different Enrichment opportunities to get involved with, from organised sport at lunchtime such as basketball and football, House events such as Spelling Bees and Maths Challenges, Fun Friday events every week and clubs after school like Duke of Edinburgh preparation, Boards games, volleyball, STEM club and so much more. You’ll even get to visit some of the best universities in the country! Every term we run our Rewards experiences, I cannot wait to see your names on the lists for these activities.


Mrs Brown

Admissions Officer

I will make sure the communication between school and home, during the transition period, is smooth and any questions you may have are dealt with promptly via our dedicated email address I will also assist you to log in to our portal where you are able to provide us with the registration details necessary for your child.


Miss Nutt

Head of Resource Base

In the Resource Base we cover lots of subjects such as English, maths, catering, music, life skills and many more. We go on trips to support our class work and to use our learnt skills in real life situations. We have a fortnightly Outdoor Learning session where we work as a team and learn new skills. We support you with your learning and help you to achieve your best.


Ms Williams 

Family Support Worker and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Hello, my name is Liz Williams, and I am the Family Support Worker here at Blaise High School. My job is to help you and your family whilst you are at Blaise High and I look forward to meeting you.


Miss Exton

Deputy Headteacher

As Deputy Headteacher, it is my responsibility to ensure that our school culture and ethos reflect this unwavering commitment to excellence. We hold our students to the highest standards of behavior, integrity, and academic achievement, knowing that these qualities will propel them towards success both now and in the future.

We foster a culture of aspiration by providing students with opportunities to explore their interests, discover their strengths, and set ambitious goals for their future. Integrity is at the heart of everything we do at Blaise High School. We instill in our students the importance of honesty, respect, and accountability, both in their academic pursuits and personal interactions. By upholding strong moral principles, our students develop the integrity to make ethical decisions and act with integrity in all aspects of their lives.

Pride in oneself, in one's work, and in one's community is a cornerstone of the Blaise High School experience. We celebrate the achievements of our students and encourage them to take pride in their accomplishments, no matter how big or small. Through a supportive and inclusive environment, we cultivate a sense of belonging and foster a deep appreciation for the diverse talents and contributions of every individual.

I am excited to witness the multitude of successes that await our students throughout their time at our school. Together, let us embark on this journey of learning, growth, and achievement, as we strive to reach new summits of excellence.


Ms Cerullo 

Special Educational Needs Coordinator

My role is to support you if you have additional learning needs. I work closely with you, your families and your teachers to make sure that you are able to access all your lessons successfully and that you have the best opportunities to take part in all the wonderful activities that will help you to develop your character while you are at Blaise High School. I'm really looking forward to meeting you on Transition Day.