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Blaise High School

Policies & Official Documents

Blaise High School's policies can be downloaded from this page

The school is part of the Greenshaw Learning Trust. Trust policies can be found here.

Greenshaw Learning Trust official documents can be found here

Greenshaw Learning Trust  Annual report and accounts can be found here

Requests for a paper copy of information on the website,  will be provided free of charge. Please contact J Bristow Station Road Henbury Bristol BS10 7QH

  1. Download
    BHS Charging and Remissions Policy 22.23.docx.pdf
  2. Download
    BHS Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy 22.23.docx.pdf
  3. Download
    BHS Uniform & Equipment Policy 22.23.pdf
  4. Download
    BHS School Publication Scheme 22.23.pdf
  5. Download
    BHS Anti Bullying Policy 22.23.pdf
  6. Download
    BHS Attendance Policy 22.23.pdf
  7. Download
    BHS Behaviour, Suspensions and Exclusions Policy 22.23.pdf
  8. Download
    Careers Policy Blaise High School 2022.pdf
  9. Download
    GLT Privacy Notice for Visitors.pdf
  10. Download
    Complaints Procedure March 2022 Blaise High School .pdf
  11. Download
    Privacy Notice for students, parents and carers February 2022.docx
  12. Download
    Catch Up Statement 2021-22.pdf
  13. Download
    Accessibility Plan 2021-2022.pdf
  14. Download
    SEN Policy and Report 2021-2022.pdf
  15. Download
    Safeguarding Policy-2021-2022 Blaise High School.pdf
  16. Download
    Schedule of Financial Delegations - Blaise High School.pdf
  17. Download
    Health Safety and Wellbeing Policy - Blaise High School September 2021 (2).pdf
  18. Download
    Inclusion Strategy 2021-2022.pdf
  19. Download
    GLT-Careers-Policy-Baker Clause Statement_Blaise High School.pdf
  20. Download
    Model School Safeguarding Addendum March 2021 .pdf
  21. Download
    PSHE & RSE Policy.pdf
  22. Download
    Exams - JCQ Guidance Summer 2021.pdf
  23. Download
    Exams - Blaise High School - Centre policy.pdf
  24. Download
    Safeguarding Policy Addendum Blaise High School.pdf
  25. Download
    Privacy notice for staff Blaise High School .pdf
  26. Download
    Data Protection Policy Blaise High School .pdf
  27. Download
    Scheme of delegation Blaise High School .pdf
  28. Download
    Whistle Blowing policy Blaise High School .pdf