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Blaise High School


The latest letters are available to download below: 

  1. Download
    Letter to Parents - New Headteacher.pdf
  2. Download
    Remote Learning letter Years 7 and 8.docx .pdf
  3. Download
    Student Guide to Accessing livestream lessons .pdf
  4. Download
    End to remote learning Y9 and 10 18.3.2022.pdf
  5. Download
    Student Guide to Accessing livestream lessons.pdf
  6. Download
    Emergency remote eduction Y9 & 10 Extended to Friday.docx.pdf
  7. Download
    15th & 16th March 2022 Remote Education Y9 and Y10.docx.pdf
  8. Download
    Feb update letter to parents 28.2.22.pdf
  9. Download
    Remote Learning letter - School Closure 18.2.2022.pdf
  10. Download
    BHS - Parent Letter 4th January 2022 - KBO.pdf
  11. Download
    Letter to parents - ARD 7.12.2021.pdf
  12. Download
    Academic Review Day - Parents letter.pdf
  13. Download
    Letter to parents 29.11.2021.pdf
  14. Download
    NHS Webinar dates - October 21 .pdf
  15. Download
    Letter to parents 1.10.21.pdf
  16. Download
    School COVID consent 2021 PRINT version.docx
  17. Download
    School Flu consent 2021 v2 PRINT VERSION.docx
  18. Download
    sirona COVID FLU consent letter to Parents .docx
  19. Download
    sirona Flu consent letter to Parents 2021 .docx
  20. Download
    September Covid update letter for parents.pdf
  21. Download
    Year 9 Remote lessons - July 2021.docx
  22. Download
    Academic Review Day - Parents letter .docx
  23. Download
    Y11 results letter .docx
  24. Download
    PSHE Parental Survey Letter.docx
  25. Download
    remote school work for Y9 June V2.docx
  26. Download
    Sport Day letter 2021.docx
  27. Download
    Student Protest letter.pdf
  28. Download
    homework letter 20 05 21.docx
  29. Download
    CAG Remote Parent Event.pdf
  30. Download
    Academic Review Day - Parents letter remote .docx
  31. Download
    Parents letter 5.3.2021 with links.pdf
  32. Download
    Reminder reopening letter 3.3.2021.pdf
  33. Download
    Student Parent Information Pack - March 2021.pdf
  34. Download
    Headteachers letter 26.2.2021.docx (1).pdf
  35. Download
    Covid testing and return to school dates and times.docx
  36. Download
    Parent Letter regarding the reopening on 8th March.pdf
  37. Download
    Heads Letter 12.2.2021.pdf
  38. Download
    Letter from the Headteacher - The Weekly check Thursday 4 February.pdf
  39. Download
    Parents Letter with links 29.1.2021.pdf
  40. Download
    The Weekly Check Feb 1st.pdf
  41. Download
    The Weekly Check Jan 25th v2.pdf
  42. Download
    Using the GLT virtual curriculum.pdf
  43. Download
    Parents Letter 22.1.2021.docx.pdf
  44. Download
    BTEC Exams Update website (1).docx
  45. Download
    A guide to using Google Classroom.pdf
  46. Download
    Parents Letter 15.1.2021.docx.pdf
  47. Download
    The Weekly Check Jan 18th.pdf
  48. Download
  49. Download
    Parent letter for links 8.1.2021.docx (1).pdf
  50. Download
    Staff contact details - website.pdf
  51. Download
    The Weekly Check 11 January (2).docx
  52. Download
    Engineering exam 12/01/2021 letter to parents .docx
  53. Download
    7-10 Parents Letter 5.1.2021.pdf
  54. Download
    Y11 letter 5.1.2021.pdf
  55. Download
    Privacy Notice.docx.pdf
  56. Download
    Consent Parent Letter.pdf
  57. Download
    Staggered Start and rapid testing letter .pdf
  58. Download
    Parent information for Covid symptoms over Xmas holiday.pdf
  59. Download
    Academic Review Day - Parents letter remote (1).docx
  60. Download
    National Lockdown - Letter for Parents & Carers.docx
  61. Download
    Letter for all onsite students.pdf
  62. Download
    Year 11 engagement.pdf
  63. Download
    Gov Guidance on Face Masks.docx
  64. Download
    Start of Term September Reminders.docx.pdf
  65. Download
    Update on face masks 26.8.2020.pdf
  66. Download
    Parents and Students_Information Pack .pdf
  67. Download
    Re-opening September 2020.docx.pdf
  68. Download
    BCC attendance letter Aug 20 .docx
  69. Download
    Results Day.docx
  70. Download
    Data Letter.pdf
  71. Download
    PHSE Additional Resources.pdf
  72. Download
  73. Download
    Mock exam letter 12/02/2020.pdf
  74. Download
    Y11 Period 6 Letter 12/02/2020.pdf
  75. Download
    Uniform shop 6/02/2020.docx