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Blaise High School

you said, we did

Thank you to all of the parents who completed our parent survey earlier this academic year. We very much value your feedback and input. We will use this area of the website to update the community on how we have responded to that feedback

You Said, We Did

You Said

We Did

Closing the library had a negative effect on some students. 

Opened Base Camp for Years 7 - 10 on the 20th February. This is a quiet, reading space, available for all students in these year groups, every day. 

There had been some reports of students changing answers during self marking in Knowledge Organiser Assessments 

Trained staff in peer marking and implemented this as a system across the school. 

You wanted more detail on what was being learnt by your children each year

Included a curriculum summary in the newsletter, and will do this twice per unit. 

We are also assessing how we can run academic review events, without creating significant additional work for teachers. 

You were unsure about the merit and value of cover lessons. 

Where possible we cover lessons with a subject expert. If this is not possible we centralise cover, and base the cover on the knowledge organisers. The knowledge organisers are the backbone of our curriculum, and as such any work in learning the content of them is valuable. 

There is insufficient seating in the dining areas 

We purchased new seating outdoors, that we are looking into covering. 

We purchased new seating indoors. 

We opened the yellow corridor for eating whilst seated. 

We now have a litter free school.