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Blaise High School

Supporting Mental Health in School

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Where can you get support from in school?


Our Thrive team runs timetabled interventions to support students to overcome any social and emotional barriers to their learning. Referrals for these interventions are considered during a weekly planning meeting. Any member of staff can make a referral to the panel.  Parents, carers and students can request a referral by speaking to the student’s Head of Year. Students may access Thrive interventions for a time-limited period, usually for 6 weeks. Thrive is also able to support referred students during social times, before school, at break, lunch or after school.



Gideon Therapy

Gideon loves working with the students at Blaise High, and he even has his own dog walking club. There are many ways Gideon is part of our school community, and he very much enjoys his days spent at Blaise High helping students to learn and achieve their very best in all that they do. 

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Children in Care

As a school, we are committed to providing the best possible education and support for all of our CIC. We work closely with each individual student to ensure their needs are being met through individualised targets and tailored packages of support.

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Family Support

Liz Williams is the Family Support Worker at Blaise High School. She is also Deputy Safeguarding Lead. Her role is to support students and families. She works closely with outside agencies to provide easily accessible answers along with being there as a channel for information sharing.

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Creative Youth Network

Creative Youth Network is an external provider supporting young people, no matter what their background or experiences, to reach their full potential.

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CAMHS stands for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. CAMHS helps children and young people up to the age of 18 years who find it hard to cope with everyday life because of mental health difficulties.

In the first instance, parents and carers who are worried about their child’s mental health should look at the range of support services offered in Bristol and listed on the Blaise High School website here

For more serious concerns, students should see their GP, who is able to make a referral to CAMHS.

You may also contact the SENCOS at Blaise for advice - 

For further information about CAMHS, please see their website here


Stay safe online

If you are worried about online sexual abuse or the way someone has been communicating with you online, click here.