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Blaise High School

Academic Review Event

Academic Review Day

On the 19th and 20th December, Blaise High School (BHS) is holding the first Academic Review events. These events will be held at the end of every term- once before Christmas, once at Easter, and once before the summer break. The aim of the day is to give parents, pupils and teachers the opportunity to understand the academic performance of BHS students.

To ensure that everyone is able to attend, we will be running an evening event on Thursday 19th December from 1600-1830, and a morning event on the 20th December from 09.00-13.00. We anticipate that the former will be more busy, so if you can attend either we suggest coming to the morning event. You are welcome to come in at any time and for any duration within these times and dates. If attending with parents, students should be in school uniform.

The school will close to students for lessons at the end of the day on Thursday 19th December.