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Blaise High School

Choir Update

Join us every Friday afternoon for the next 5 weeks to sing with us!

Dear Parents and Carers

We are delighted to announce that, once again, Greenshaw Learning Trust will be partnering with the remarkable Nigel Ipinson-Fleming to bring you a weekly choir session in your own home this term.

Nigel boasts a comprehensive career in both professional and non-professional music settings, having worked in the music industry for a number of years and more recently in schools and Academy Trusts up and down the country. In November and December 2019, he ably led our individual Year 7 choirs before Christmas, culminating in a massed celebration – directing our superb massed choir at Gloucester Cathedral.

One way we believe we can support students and their families during this time of closures, is to offer a holistic approach to education. Music is a brilliant medium for this, and we feel this will be a helpful way to remember that we all belong to something bigger; a wider education community across our Greenshaw Learning Trust family of schools.

That’s why we’re inviting each of our students (and families) to join us every Friday afternoon for the next 5 weeks to sing with us – from wherever you are. We begin this Friday on 24th  April at 2pm.

The programme will work like this:

Every Friday, there will be 3 parts to the programme…

           Part 1             We will publish a pre-recorded 45-minute session, led by Nigel.

2.00pm             This will include: an intro, a vocal warm up, songs, a positive thought and a performance.

Part 2              Following the pre-recorded session, Nigel will also offer a 15-minute ‘live’ get together.

2.45pm             Note: in this setting, ‘live’ means that Nigel will broadcast live from YouTube and his Instagram account – to Greenshaw Learning Trust students only – we will be able to see Nigel, but not the other way around.

            Part 3              As a further home learning opportunity between our Friday                        sessions together, after each 3.00pm Friday broadcast, Nigel will upload a                      recording of backing tracks which students will be able to download and sing                along to in preparation for the following week. This is a great way to build                      music into your week – why not try to rehearse as a family?

The link you need:

Any other links for live broadcasts or backing track downloads will all be very clear on this page.

Please note – this link above won’t show anything new until Friday afternoons from 2pm,

when we begin!

We really hope you will join us for what will be a fantastic time each week together.