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Blaise High School

Covid-19 Update 18th march

Please read the lastest information from Blaise High School regarding covid-19

18 March 2020 
Dear Parents and Carers 
I’m aware that a number of Blaise High School pupils are currently following government guidance and self-isolating. Firstly, here are the links to the government advice about self-isolation, use this to check that you are following the advice. Guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection:
 Social Distancing for vulnerable groups:
With this in mind, it is important that those students who are non-symptomatic but are not in school due to these exceptional circumstances should be continuing their school work from home. To do this students should: 
1. Use their Knowledge Organiser to complete revision cards, mind-maps and self quizzes 2. Log onto Hegarty every day to complete tasks as well as MemRi & Fix Up Five 3. Read from their reading book at least twice daily recording page numbers and vocabulary in their planner 4. Those in Y11 should also be using revision guides, Seneca, Tassomai and Bedrock 
Our website will be a useful tool to find links and resources.  Links to online learning sites like Hegarty can be found here: Links. Links to Knowledge Organisers can be found here: 
In the event of a school closure further resources will be available to all pupils to continue their studies from home. I will be writing to you with more details of this if the event arises. If this happens, students will be using Google Classrooms. To access Google Classrooms students need to complete their password reset. If your daughter or son did not complete their password reset because they have been absent from school then: 
1. Their passwords will be reset centrally to Blaise2020! 2. If you are having difficulty accessing the site then contact  
If your son or daughter has already reset their password then they should continue to use the new password they selected. 

Please ensure you are monitoring and supporting students to complete work. In these difficult times it is important that we continue to do everything we can to give our students the best possible chance of success. If you are concerned that your son or daughter will have minimal or no IT access during this time then please contact the school to request paper-based work packs. 
Yours faithfully 
Ms K Brown Headteacher