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Blaise High School

Letter from The Headteacher - support and Social Welfare

Dear Parents / Carers  
I am writing to update you on Blaise High School’s plan to support the social and welfare needs of the community and children we serve during this difficult time. Firstly, free school meals. The government guidance on this matter can be found here: 
The guidance at this point suggests that the government is “currently developing a national approach to providing support through supermarket and shop vouchers”. They have suggested that they “will provide further details shortly”. As we are concerned that there could be a delay in the national approach we have made the necessary arrangements to support Free School Meal pupils from Monday. 
During the school shut down period we have made arrangements for your child to continue to receive Free School Meals if they’re entitled.  We will be providing a weekly lunch pack hamper which can be collected from the school's dining hall on Monday 23 March between 12:30pm to 1:30pm.  Please can you bring a bag to carry home the items as they are quite bulky.  We will also be repeating this on Monday 30th March with a second week of supplies. However, if this has to change for any reason we will let you know. 
We are developing alternatives to this Free School Meal provision for those who will be unable to access it. If you require this additional support contact:  

Secondly, sanitary products. We have always offered free sanitary products to those in need and we would like this to continue during the school closure. If you would like to collect free sanitary products from school these will also be available between 12:30pm and 1:30pm in the school’s dining hall. 
Finally, welfare support. We have an incredible team of Thrive, pastoral and family support workers at Blaise High School. We want to ensure that during this difficult time their support is still available to you. We are developing resources and links on our website and these can be found here: community support  for students there are more links here: Useful links for students  

We will continue our robust approach to safeguarding throughout this time and any family or student with concerns should contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead (Lydia Greenwood) or their Head of Year. Contact details for these groups are below: 
Ms Greenwood LGO Safeguarding  Mrs Chinn LCN Head of Y7 Mr Pryde APP Head of Y8 Mr Peach JPP Head of Y9 Mrs Brightley CBW Head of Y10 Mr Bird OBS Head of Y11 Mr Squire ISN Resource Base 
Yours faithfully 
Ms K Brown Headteacher