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Blaise High School


All students have been provided with a knowledge organiser which they need to self-quiz after school every day.  This is done in their self-quizzing books. In the front of the knowledge organiser the schedule states which subject is to be studied that day, and then the correct 10 facts can be found simply using the date. Students need to read, cover and memorise the facts. Once learnt, they are neatly written into the self-quizzing book and then checked, with any corrections being made in green pen. This is repeated until all 10 definitions have been learnt and a minimum of one page of A4 is full. 

Each week students complete a Maths task on the website Sparx Maths. This should take approximately 1 hour and students need to continue until they reach 100% success rate. Support is available from the Maths department in R08 each lunchtime, which is also a time students can access the website through school computers in case they have limited access at home.

The video below shows what high quality self-quizzing looks like. The content in the Knowledge Organisers directly links to assessments and so learning this is paramount to both their success in lessons and also their achievements in assessments.

The timetable for homework for each year group, and the expectations for holiday homework, can all be found in the information section at the front of the Knowledge Organiser.

Please see the video for information on excellent self-quizzing.


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