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Blaise High School


We are highly ambitious for our students and know the best way for them to be successful in their academic studies is to continue their hard work outside of their time in lessons. The impact of reviewing small chunks of information on a regular basis has a huge impact on being able to recall them, and we believe this is a really effective strategy to aid your child’s learning.

Self-Quizzing - each day

Students are expected to complete their Self-Quizzing each weekday in their Self-Quizzing books. They need to write 10 questions and answers based on the topics in their knowledge organiser.

For guidance on how to self-quiz effectively, see the attachment at the bottom of this page.



This is checked in roll call each morning. If a student fails to achieve this, they will attend a compulsory Study Support session on the following Monday from 3-4pm where they will be supported to catch up.





Study Support session



Next day

Monday 3-4pm


Online homework - each week

Students are expected to complete Maths, English and Science homework using our online platforms each week. This week, students will be given their logins for each of the online platforms by their Maths, English and Science teachers. If homework is not completed then students will be required to attend a compulsory Study Support session from 3-3.30pm on a set day. In Study Support, students will work with subject specialists to catch up on the work missed. If not completing homework becomes a regular occurrence then students will attend compulsory catch up sessions after school each week. 





Study Support session

English: Bedrock


Sunday (end of day)

Tuesday 3-3.30pm

Maths: Sparx/Hegarty


Monday (end of day)

Wednesday 3-3.30pm

Science: Tassomai


Tuesday (end of day)

Thursday 3-3.30pm


What support is provided?

Students will have access to the library and a computer room each lunchtime to support them with their homework completion. After school, the library is open from 3-4pm for Junior Champions’ Hour. All sessions are staffed teachers.


How will I know if my child has a Study Support Session after school?

Once you have downloaded our Class Charts app, you will see a notification on the dashboard, as well as  an email the day before the study support session is due to be served.

Year 11

In addition to Self-Quizzing and Online Homework, students are expected to complete one piece of homework per night which is handed in during their P6 session. If Study Support is required, that will occur on the same day 4-5pm.

Please click here to go to the homework area. For login issues with Bedrock, Hegarty/Sparks or Tassomai click here