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Blaise High School


In-Year Applications

To apply for a place at Blaise High School other than at the specified dates of entry, parents should contact the school to obtain the In-Year Admission Form. The In-Year Admission Form should be completed and returned directly to the school.

Where there are more applicants than places available, the school will maintain a waiting list according to the over-subscription criteria detailed in the school’s admission arrangements without regard to the date the application was received or when a child’s name was added to the waiting list.
Positions on the waiting lists may go down as well as up. This is because other children might be added to the waiting list who have a greater priority for a place against the school’s admission criteria; for example, when new families move into the area or when other families who had not previously named Blaise High School as a preference, ask to go on the waiting list after the initial allocations date.

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