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Blaise High School

Roles and Details

Below are the appointment details and roles of current governors of Blaise High & Yate Academy Governing Body.

All current governors are also members of the panel from which members may be selected to form an ad hoc committee if and when required to deal with matters relating to a specific incident or individual, such as considering a complaint or a personnel matter.

For further information about the governing body, or to contact the governors, please email the clerk to the governing body -

Governors and roles

Blaise High and Yate Academy Governing Body Membership 2023-24



Appointing body

Term start date


Term end date


Michaela Lee Community Governor Governing Body 08/09/2023 07/09/2027

Lisa Straccia Trust Governor Board of Trustees 05/09/2023 04/09/2027

Kyle Fox Parent Governor - BHS Ballot of Parents 01/09/2023* 16/10/2026

Kai Hopkins Community Governor Governing Body 01/09/2023* 31/12/2026

Nat Nabarro Headteacher - BHS Board of Trustees 01/09/2023* Ex officio Headteacher

Paula Curtis Staff Governor - BHS Ballot of Staff 01/09/2023* 31/12/2024

Catherine Allen Trust Governor Ballot of Parents 01/09/2023* 20/05/2024 Chair

Katie Lockett Trust Governor Board of Trustees 01/09/2023* 31/08/2027 Vice Chair

Angela Holland Parent Governor - YAT Ballot of Parents 07/03/2023* 06/03/2028

Eddie Rakshi Headteacher - YAT Board of Trustees 01/09/2023 Ex officio Headteacher

Vacancy Staff Governor - YAT Ballot of Staff tbc tbc

* Were also a member of one of the predecessor Governing Bodies

Blaise High and Yate Academy Governing Body Attendance 2023-24

Governor GB1 GB2 GB3 GB4 GB5 GB6
  12.10.23 30.11.23 18.01.24 07.03.24 09.05.24 27.06.24
Angela Holland P P P P    
Catherine Allen P P P P    
Eddie Rakshi P P P P    
Paula Curtis P P P P    
Kyle Fox P P P P    
Kai Hopkins C C P P    
Katie Lockett P P P P    
Lisa Straccia P P P P    
Michaela Lee P A A A    
Nat Nabarro P P P P    
P In Attendance
C Absent with consent
A Absent without consent
N/A Not a governor at this meeting
Blank No meeting