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Blaise High School

Headteacher welcome

Blaise High School is an ambitious, welcoming and all-inclusive academy. We are a proud member of the Greenshaw Learning Trust, a ‘family’ of like-minded schools, that collaborate to provide mutual support, share their good practice and learn from each other, whilst retaining and developing their own distinctive character.

At Blaise High School we strive to ensure students leave Blaise High School with strong academic qualifications, a well-developed character and clear values that will carry them through to long term success. Our values of Ambition, Inclusion and Collaboration ensure all students are equipped with a Growth Mind-Set and can meet our common mission of Social Justice.

Students can achieve the very best academic qualifications and skills to ensure they are able to take the educational and career path of their choice. Ensuring this lies at the centre of our school and we wholeheartedly believe that these opportunities can be earned no matter the background or starting point of our students. For us, this is summarised in our mission of Social Justice. We work collaboratively with parents and carers to create an ethos where responsibility for success in this mission is shared.

Katherine Brown, Headteacher